Vaticinator's exhibition - Checkpoint 2022

Vaticinators exhibition - Checkpoint 2022


My name is Barnaba Mikułowski (also known as Vaticinator). I work at the Faculty of Graphics and Media Art at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław (Poland) and at Cat-Astrophe Games (Indie gaming studio). I would probably not decide to create an exhibition summarizing my artistic activities if it were not for a few facts. One was the pandemic that made the form of online exhibitions popular. The second and equally important one I spent a lot of time on was getting my PhD last year. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough in my scientific and artistic career. The exhibition presents a selection of my works from the last 15 years, which are mainly related to computer games, comics, animations and interactive installations. I tried to choose those that somehow fit together, but also those that reflect my main interests from that period. On the first floor of the exhibition, I present mainly printmaking and comics. The second floor, which is much more colorful, is dominated by work related to computer games. The third floor is devoted to my multimedia installations, presented so far mainly in galleries. Thank you for paying attention to this exhibition and I hope it was not a wasted time.